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Michael A. Scaturro


About Michael

What do you get when you put together a laid back sports fan, engineer and a patent lawyer? You get Michael A. Scaturro, of course.

Mike has nearly 25 years of experience in patent prosecution and 15 years as an engineer under his belt. He has a calm confidence about him and is a very strategic thinker, which is shown in not only his love for the law, but also his love for the game of tennis. As someone who is tenacious and hardworking, he is always dedicating himself to every challenge whether that be his next move on the tennis court or while analyzing legal and technological information.

With an extensive set of technological skills, Mike is able to talk about law and technology with equal proficiency. Mike’s skills include telecommunication systems, RF-ID, digital electronics including computer architecture, computer hardware and software (including Internet applications), lasers and optics, software, manufacturing and business methods, and medical system integration, just to name a few.

Mike is not only passionate about the law, technology, and tennis but enjoys helping those without a voice, particularly in animal welfare and rescue. Whether Mike is your partner for a doubles match or your attorney, he is the one you want by your side on game day.