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About Jodi

Most people have a shut-off switch and find it impossible to go at full speed without ever really taking a break. Jodi McLane isn’t most people. The consummate multi-tasker, Jodi is equal parts learner, listener and communicator.

As a patent attorney she knows the importance of understanding not only a client’s business, but their technology as well. If something isn’t resonating with Jodi, she asks why. And then she listens. Listens hard. In a way that lawyers with by-the-book agendas or prepackaged solutions don’t. And so she learns — continuously — as lifelong learners do. Nor does she ever allow pretentious legal jargon to interfere with communication. In doing so she wins the respect of her clients who feel they have finally found an attorney who understands their technology and will tailor solutions to their needs.

Jodi explains options in plain English and always from the perspective of her clients, whose businesses she takes the time to understand inside out. In fact Jodi never stops thinking about a client’s business. Her legal brain is always on over-drive. Ideas come to her anywhere, anytime, and from unexpected inspiration. She brings fresh eyes, keen ears and free-range thinking to every challenge. And, by the way, she has never met a challenge she didn’t love, or one that she couldn’t eventually tame. As for her personality, call Jodi a Type A+.