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Dave Knorring


About Dave

“Support” – bear all or part of the weight of; hold up.

The ability to support others and create a strong foundation for a legal team isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires strength, perseverance, commitment to doing not only what others ask you to do, but also what needs to be done even if not asked. It is also a job that requires a lack of ego, as there is little praise for those who support behind the scenes. Dave Knorring is all of the above. He is part builder, part psychic, and part conductor, putting in place the bricks, knowing what the attorneys need even before they ask, and keeping everyone on track. Dave does this in a quiet, unassuming manner with his industrious work style and quality results that speak for themselves.

Dave comes across as a man of few words, but that’s only because his professional contributions are the true essence of his voice. His pleasant, reserved nature is a refreshing addition to our dynamic team of attorneys whose energy can fill a room. Dave absorbs this energy and re-directs it to the tasks at hand. Don’t mistake his silence for introversion; he is forthright and diligent. Because he rarely fills the void with small talk, Dave’s input is impactful and carries great value to our firm and its clients. Simply put, when Dave speaks, everyone listens. Bottom line, his competence is unparalleled, and our team is fortunate to have him at the helm of our support staff.

Dave is the embodiment of substance over form, of function over frivolity. He is grounded, technical, but also has an easy sense of humor (a job requirement at McInnes & McLane). He knows that a house is only as strong as its foundation, and he is happy to be the bedrock on whom our attorneys rely. If you ask him what he likes best about our firm, Dave’s response is a gem that demonstrates his brevity and charm: he professes that our attorneys make the support staff feel like you’re working with them – not for them. Dave, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.