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Alissa Digman


About Alissa

When it comes to forging strong client bonds that result in successful intellectual property enforcement, Alissa’s propensity for professional relationship development is unparalleled. From the personal connections to the legal technicalities, she evaluates every nuance in creating a winning intellectual property strategy.

Alissa is an established litigator who heads up our Chicago office and is thrilled to help make our clients’ dreams come true. But when business dreams become reality, so do intellectual property challenges. This is where Alissa’s adaptability and judicious nature come into play. Her combination of fierce litigation skills and mentor-like thoughtfulness makes her a formidable ally to both team members and clients. Behind her likeable demeanor and even-keeled personality is a passionate litigator who leaves no stone unturned in analyzing issues and making arguments that cut to the heart of each case she litigates.

Alissa’s penchant for careful analysis traces its roots to her biomedical engineering background, which has instilled in her a deliberate, thorough way of thinking that shapes her approach to intellectual property enforcement. Or maybe it’s simply her global perspective that drives her commitment to client satisfaction. Alissa found her lifelong home in Chicago by way of Singapore, Dallas, and countless other cities. Her broad range of experience is a welcome resource in serving both our domestic and international clients. Alissa exceeds clients’ expectations for both professional and personal investment in their business.