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About Us.

At McInnes & McLane we understand our clients’ aspirations and know their concerns and frustrations. We know, above all else, that every client is different and that listening to their goals and tailoring our approach to each client’s individual needs yields the best results.

No matter what your endgame is for your intellectual property, we can be the difference between success and failure. If you want to build a patent portfolio with a goal of boosting corporate value for a future sale, or for obtaining additional funding, we can do that. Perhaps you want to expand your IP portfolio to secure your position in the marketplace. We understand what’s involved because we’ve helped dozens of clients navigate these waters. Maybe your business is rebranding or launching an entirely new brand. Our team will work with you, or alongside your advertising agency, to secure brand protection for your products or services. We also have the experience and expertise to guide you through any type of dispute while keeping your business goals in focus.

Whatever your needs are, our experienced, client-oriented team will advise and support you to reach the best possible result.